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Who we are

Print On Designs is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and that’s exactly where our design team works hard to bring these vintage prints to life.


printondesign amsterdam 

From there, our designs are sent to our team in Southeast China and Hong Kong to print, sew, and package your dress before it gets sent on your way.  


 Printondesign packaging


We’re firm believers that cloth pollution has become such a major problem in the fashion industry, which is why we strive each and every day to continue to embrace our print on demand model, so that each piece is printed and fabricated only when a purchase is complete. 


Printondesign print


With creative minds, a wild imagination, and a longing to return to that 1950s fashion style, Print On Designs is proud to serve the next generation of women who have their eye on the generation of years’ past. 


Our Mission 

At Print On Design, our mission is simple – we offer dresses made specifically for each individual customer once their order is placed.


Made to order. Made for you.

We believe in environmentally-friendly business practices, sustainable fashion, and made to order products that allow us to play a role in bettering our world – and the fashion that fills it!  

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